What is eLawSoftware?

A web-based, criminal defense law program developed specifically for the criminal defense attorney to help them save time and money. We have created an all inclusive client file at your fingertips. This means no more cross-referencing your calendars, accounting programs or paper files.

You can generate letters, motions and financial reports in just a few easy steps.

You are able to track billable hours, case expenses, or even setup payment plans large or small.

It has built in collection letters and invoices, which means collecting your money has never been easier.

It also has an integrated office calendar and court calendar everyone in your office can use.

The Court Docket contains a photo of your client, so that you will never be embarrassed in the courtroom by not knowing who your client is.

How much do you charge for Customer Support?

Customer Support is FREE.

How can I get a free eLawSoftware demonstration?

Please call us at 1-800-820-3529 (ELAW) for a FREE, LIVE online demonstration or to receive more information. During the online demonstration, we will show you how easy it is to…

setup a client in minutes
print a court docket
find out who is not paying you
print a custom or form letter
print out Pretrial or Jury Trial Motions
run Financial reports
print past due notices or payment invoices
track billable or non-billable hours and expenses
plus much, much more…

How much does eLawSoftware cost?

We charge a very low monthly fee. Please contact us at 1-800-820-ELAW (3529) for our current pricing and specials. Or visit our pricing page.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

eLawSystems customers do not have to sign a long term contract to use any of our services. You may cancel at any time.

Will other people be able to see my client information on eLawSoftware?

No, even though the information is on the Internet, the databases are password protected and the information is encrypted. Only those with valid user names and passwords can view the information.

What do I do if my computer crashes?

If your computer crashes and you do not have access to another computer, you can call us and we will fax you any information you need until your computer is operational. In addition, you get a nightly back up of all your client information.

If my information is not stored on my computer, where is it stored?

Your information is stored on our centrally managed, fully redundant pool of servers. These servers are secured in locked cabinets behind locked and guarded doors that require biometrics to open.

What happens if my internet goes down?

Each night we send you a secure e-mail link that has all of your client’s information. If you need further information, we fax what you need to your office.

How do you secure my information?

eLawSoftware is 100% web-based. This means that all of your information, as well as your client’s information, is stored outside of your personal computer. Due to this, security is our top priority. There are two different types of security involved with internet programs – one is the access to your information and the other is the safety of all saved information.

Accessing your office database

We want our clients to access their information quickly and easily, but do not want to afford outsiders the same convenience. Therefore, we have layered front-end security measures in place to maintain access security. There are application controls that, as a client, you set up to manage who can use which aspects of the program. There is also a page content security measure in place, so that you cannot view our web site through your cache. Once logged in to your database, your IP address is recorded, and all information is transferred at the highest possible encryption.

Information Security

We use the highest possible SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to transfer information over our servers. Those servers are kept in a state-of-the-art data center, whose design, policies, and staff were selected to ensure the complete safety of the information stored there. eLawSoftware runs redundant servers, switches, routers, firewalls, and paths so that in the event one goes down, your information is not effected. We have multiple backbones to the internet, allowing data to be routed the fastest way possible between your workstation and our servers. On top of the software and hardware we have in place, the data center is also monitored by their staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that if something were to happen that would effect your information, we are notified immediately.

Despite all our efforts related to security, a breach may occur. Technology relating to Internet security is evolving rapidly, as are ways to bypass it. Although we use state-of-the-art security measures and take every reasonable effort to keep up with developments in Internet security, there is always the possibility that someone will find a way to gain unauthorized access to any system, including ours.

Clients should contact us immediately if any unauthorized access is identified, even if there does not appear to be any harm done or information lost. It is our policy to investigate all incidents and, if needed, report them to the proper authorities. Electronic theft is a crime, and if we suspect that someone has attempted or committed it, we would like to have your cooperation in taking the appropriate actions.

How do I know my web browser in encrypting my information?

You know that the data is being encrypted when the lock icon shows up in your web browsers status bar. If you double click on the picture of the lock you can verify the security and encryption level.

How will eLawSoftware save me money?

eLawSoftware is completely web based, so you do not have to network your office. This also means that you no longer have to purchase your own server or pay for software and security updates for that server. The only thing you maintain is your username and password.

Additionally, you will no longer need to have multiple programs to keep up with client, case and financial information. eLawSoftware allows you to do this all from one place.

How will eLawSoftware make me more money?

Most attorneys never know when a client falls behind on their payments. Now, with eLawSoftware, you will know right away, allowing you to stay ahead of your collections instead of playing catch up. This includes putting client financial information on your Court Docket. In addition, eLawSoftware can reduce the need for a large staff. Calendaring, generating documents and tracking payment information takes seconds instead of hours.

How will I know when my clients owe me money?

There are several ways that you will know a client owes you money. You will get a nightly email with all of your Past Due clients. You can also pull up a Past Due view of all clients who owe you money and mail them letters simultaneously. You can also see each individual client’s financial information each time you open his or her file.

Can I view how much money my Firm has taken in?

There are several views and reports you can use to monitor incoming money. These include a Cash Flow, Deposit, Expense, Aging and daily, monthly and yearly income.

How long does it take to set up a client file?

You can set up a complete file including case and pay plan information in five (5) minutes. We have also included a client intake and client information sheet that follows the data entry fields to make it easier and faster to enter client data.

How do you do training?

Because eLawSoftware is so easy to use, we have found it easiest to do training via the internet. This also allows us to schedule training at your convenience without taking up an entire day at your office. We also offer follow up training at no additional cost, as well as FREE training for any new staff that you may hire in the future.

How would I update my Court Calendar?

eLawSoftware does the updating of all your calendars, views and reports. You simply save your changes to the client’s court date and your Court Docket and Court Calendar will reflect the new court information.

What if I have an appointment in the office, but I am at court - how will I know?

The Court Calendar and Court Docket are both integrated with your Office Calendar. This means that whatever you have scheduled on your Office Calendar will automatically show up on your Court Calendar. You can also add Court Tasks to your Court Calendar.

What if I need to remind myself to follow up on a client’s probation a year from now?

You can create calendar alarms to show up on your Home Page for things near or far into the future that you need to be reminded to do.

Can I set up reminders, alarms or ticklers on a client’s file?

Yes. With eLawSoftware we allow you to set up an alarm on a client’s file. This feature works just like a reminder, tickler or to-do that you would calendar.

Can I enter Civil Cases?

eLawSoftware was designed around Criminal Law. However, we have added a civil side, which allows you to track multiple court dates and generate correspondence.

Can I still use my own form letters and motions?

Yes, you can. We input all of your current letters and standard motions into your database so that you can continue to use them. There are also several standard Collection, Client and Case letters that we can modify to fit your office needs.

What venues does eLawSoftware cover?

We modify each database to the individual office. You tell us what counties you want and those will be the ones available to you. You can always add more at any time.

How will eLawSoftware get my law office more organized?

Everything you do from eLawSoftware is saved to your database. A copy of every letter that you print using eLawSoftware is saved to that client’s file. You no longer have to have the over-stuffed paper files that will not fit in the filing cabinets. There is also an Employee Status feature and you can take detailed notes so that you always know what is happening in each file.

Can I keep important contact information in the system, even if it is not associated with a case?

Yes, there is an available index of contacts that you can divide into the categories you need.

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