Criminal Case Management

There are many rewards for using a completely web-based program. For example, you pay little, or sometimes nothing at all, for technical support. The risk of investing in bad technology is virtually non-existent, so that you can focus on your business and not your computers. Combining the features of eLawSoftware with the ability to do business on the web, we give you the fastest, most convenient way of managing your firm. Since eLawSoftware is 100% web-based, all of your information, as well as your client’s information, is stored outside of your personal computer. Due to this fact, security is our top priority. We use the highest possible SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to transfer information over our servers. Those servers are kept in a state-of-the-art data center, whose design, policies, and staff, as well as ours, was selected to ensure the complete safety of the information stored. eLawSoftware runs redundant servers, switches, routers, firewalls, and paths so that in the event one goes down, your information is not effected. We have multiple backbones to the internet, allowing data to be routed the fastest way possible between your workstation and our servers.

eLawSoftware Features

Microsoft Word Integration

Our case management software has built in support for Microsoft Word files. With this feature you can have template letters and motions designed to pull all of the necessary information from your client’s file and place it in your Microsoft Word document. This allows you to customize your necessary correspondence or motions with Microsoft Word and then save it automatically to your client’s file.


eLawSoftware has helped many attorneys increase the amount of money they collect from their clients. Using the standard features in our Criminal Law Package, some Firms have increased collections by almost 90%. These Firms use the multiple financial views and reports, as well as the built in collection letters, invoices and payment receipts to make sure that their clients always know when their payments are due.

Court Dockets

eLawSoftware not only helps you with your finances, it helps you organize your day. In one easy step, you can enter court resets, and have all of your dockets, calendars, reports and views updated-immediately! You no longer have to cross-reference individual programs to follow your cases. Your Court Docket prints with the client’s picture, payment information, case information and even their phone numbers.


eLawSoftware gives you two complete calendars to help you organize your office and your day. You get an office calendar for you to schedule appointments and meetings. In addition, you get a Court Calendar that automatically schedules your court dates. There’s more, all of your office appointments can also show up on your court calendar. Now you know exactly where to be and when, by only looking in one place.

Inclusive Client Files

Most attorneys use multiple programs to keep up with various types of information. They also have huge paper files that crowd the filing cabinets and desks. Using eLawSoftware will eliminate both of those problems. For instance, when a client calls and changes their phone number, typically you have to update the accounting program, the client management program, and the case file. Since eLawSoftware handles the duties of all those individual programs, you only have to worry about updating the information in one place. Additionally, every document you create from the eLawSoftware program automatically saves to the client file. Now you have one place to go to see all the documents, all the client information, all the payment information, and all the case information.

Client Communications

Many of the features in eLawSoftware can vastly improve your client communications, thus reducing the number of phone calls you get on a daily basis. Using our word processor you can generate pre-filled letters in seconds to one or all of your clients. You no longer have to cut and paste from one document to the next, we fill it in for you. You can also send and document emails from eLawSoftware. Everything you do logs a note in the client’s file. You can also make notes of important conversations, set alerts and alarms, and take phone messages, all of which help you know exactly what is happening in each file and helps you communicate those changes to the client.


eLawSoftware gives you the ability to track all outstanding bonds by venue, by type and by person – with just a click of a button.

Alarms and Alerts

We have created an easy way to remind yourself of important dates and information. You can set alarms per user to show up on individual home pages and alerts to show up in the client’s file. You can also assign the alarms so that your assistant has her own set of reminders and you have yours.


Just like pink-slip phone messages, you just fill out the form and assign to the appropriate person. The difference is that these are saved to the client’s file and it is documented when the calls are returned. Now you can always be sure that you have taken care of important client phone calls and documented their files in just few easy steps.