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Certified Account Managers — A company with Google Partner status must have employees with Google Adwords certifications managing their accounts. Google makes sure the company meets Google’s standards for customer care best practices.

Masters of AdWords Features – Google Partners must be well-versed in all the features of AdWords and use them in a way that is profitable to the client.  This includes the use of negative keywords, site links inside of ads, ad extensions, split testing with AdWords, ad scheduling, etc.

Google Ensures Profitability & Quality Customer Service — Google does this by reviewing accounts to make sure that they are providing their clients the best service through improved quality scores.  Google also checks for conversion rates and client retention to be sure that the clients are happy with the services they are receiving.

Beta Features First – Google Partners get access to Google’s beta features. This means that after Google has developed a new feature or application, its partners can test and use this feature up to a year or more before it is available to the general public.

Dedicated Google Reps – Google Partners with a large ad spend get their own Google Reps that they can contact any time a client has an issue.

Testing & Innovation – Google Adwords Partners are required to show that they do split testing on ads to get the greatest volume of customers to a client’s site. Google checks for multiple ads per campaign group to ensure the use of different keywords and messaging.

About Us

eLawSoftware has been developing criminal case management software since 1992. Our mission is simple – develop a comprehensive, easy to use program, designed specifically for the criminal defense attorney. With eLawSoftware, you are able to track billable hours and case expenses, or set up payment plans. This, along with the built in collection letters, invoices, and payment receipts makes managing your accounts receivable very easy. You can generate financial reports, as well as letters and motions in just a few simple steps. eLawSoftware also has a self-contained office calendar and court calendar everyone in your office can use, so no more cross-referencing. With these capabilities along with the ability to attach documents created outside of our program, we have given you an all-inclusive client file at your fingertips. All of these features, plus many more, makes office management effortless, but efficient, because it was designed solely for the criminal defense practice.

  • Free Customer Support

    No anual support fees.  Ongoing database and profile customization.

  • Access from Anywhere with Internet

    24/7 access to you data from anywhere in the world.

  • Lightning Fast

    Superior technology and equipment.

What our clients have to say…

Our firm experimented with two different case management programs before being introduced to eLawSoftware. Through the use of eLawSoftware we have an incredible ability to manage our caseload, collect our fees and calendar our court appearances. One of the best things about the software is that it can be accessed from any location with internet access. Every time I speak to criminal lawyers I am constantly plugging the powerful software. I can generate court notices in seconds while my competition has to cut and paste all of the information into their pleadings. Its truly a powerful and successful program that will allow you to spend time practicing law instead of worrying about administrative tasks.

David Haenel, Esq.
David Haenel, Esq.Finebloom, Haenel & HigginsFlorida DUI Lawyers

Having owned and used 2 different case management software packages, I was hesitant to move my files online.  It would have been a major mistake to continue the ‘old fashioned way.’

eLawSoftware has allowed me more time to practice law, allowed me to practice more efficiently and has made my practice more profitable. I have worldwide, 24/7 access to my client information, calendar and billing. This allows to me to efficiently and quickly respond to any situation. It also allows targeted billing at the push of a button which had reduced my receivables by 80%.

The staff at eLawSoftware is most pleasant and responsive and has made several personalized changes as soon as requested. Additionally you can incorporate as many personalized letters into your file as you desire. Do yourself a favor and let them walk you through a live online demonstration. You will see how your software can make money for you rather than being an expense.

Bruce Edge, Attorney
Bruce Edge, AttorneyEdge Law Firm, P.C.Tulsa DUI Lawyers

Awesome program, awesome case management system, more than satisfied — the support staff is wonderful!

Doug Norwood
Doug NorwoodNorwood & Norwood, LLPArkansas DWI Lawyers

At first, we debated whether we really needed a practice management software. After using eLawSoftware, now we wonder how we ever got along without it.

Neil Shouse
Neil ShouseShouse Law Group
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